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Well looks like we are back at our old location, September 2016 right next door to The Apollo Animal Hospital. The space is smaller but it is all we really need. We still have bone rugs, crate fans and a small couch specially made just for the dogs. Of course we are a pet friendly establishment but the animals do not run free. The priority here is to ensure the animals are safe and protected.

We have recently faced criticism because I cannot risk our safety by accepting newly rescued animals. If they have found their forever home they are welcome but new to the rescue agencies they are just to dangerous and vulnerable. They initially need a slow moving and quiet atmosphere. We are hairdressers working under pressure to complete the grooming as fast as possible for profit. Any agency that finds fault with that is suspect. Why put a vulnerable animal under unnecessary stress and regardless of what some people seem to think, there is no injury that can be regarded as part of the job. We get no danger pay.

Please, if you notice we have accidently nicked a nail and it is bleeding return and bring it to our attention. Do not make your animal suffer needlessly. We use a powdered cauterizer that freezes on contact because accidents do happen and for goodness sake a homey atmosphere means that people get to complain and argue. We have artistic temperaments. That is why we are good at a job requiring creativity.

On a personal note, I do not normally reply to bad reviews for the simple reason that I have approximately 3 thousand customers and from that only 7 bad reviews. I'm fine with that. I do wish the trolls would realize that they talk to hear themselves talking.